33m Rolls Adhesive Floor Marking Tapes

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33m Rolls Adhesive Floor Marking Tapes

  • Self-adhesive floor marking tapes are ideal for marking out areas on warehouse or factory floors, lane marking and identifying hazardous areas. They can be used in gymnasiums, to mark out gridlines for games and sports, on construction and building sites to mark out track ways for construction vehicles, such as forklifts and to define goods areas in warehouses and walkways for pedestrians.
  • The tape is available in a choice of six single colours, white, yellow, orange, blue, red and green and three striped hazard tapes, black and yellow, white and green and white and red. The product is suitable for either temporary or permanent marking, with no residue being left behind on the floor when the tape is removed, so there’s no need to worry about that horrible job of scrubbing at sticky residues, or any risk of you or your customers being routed to the spot once your tape is gone!
  • These floor tapes are supplied in a choice of two widths, 50mm and 75mm, both of which are 33 metres long.
  • You may like to choose different coloured tapes to mark out different areas, perhaps colour-coding to raise awareness of various levels of hazard or to signify areas reserved for particular goods. The tape is strong and long-lasting, perfectly capable of resisting the pressure and stress of continual foot and vehicular traffic.
  • Throughout 2020 you probably became much more used to the sight of these floor marking tapes. Ideal for depicting areas for ‘bubbles’ to reacquaint, or for keeping up safe social distance requirements. The tape is made of a durable self-adhesive PVC material and is TUV GS safety approved so you can rest assured you can be happy to use it on your floors in both private and public areas of your business premises.
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White – 50mm Wide, Yellow – 50mm Wide, Orange – 50mm Wide, Green – 50mm Wide, Blue – 50mm Wide, Red – 50mm Wide, White – 75mm Wide, Yellow – 75mm Wide, Orange – 75mm Wide, Green – 75mm Wide, Blue – 75mm Wide, Red – 75mm Wide, Red & White Striped – 50mm Wide, Green & White Striped – 50mm Wide
Yellow & Black Striped – 50mm Wide, Red & White Striped – 75mm Wide, Green & White Striped – 75mm Wide, Yellow & Black Striped – 75mm