Anti-Slip Tape:

Our anti-slip tape is suitable for use both inside and outdoors, and it can be applied to a variety of surfaces owing to its high-quality materials and manufacturing. This is great for high-traffic restaurants, hotels, companies, and apartment complexes, but it’s also great for use in homes or any other place where traction is needed. Simply cut it to size, peel, and stick. Our Anti Slip Tape 3M X 50mm works well for both indoor and outdoor use and can be used on different surfaces because of its high-quality products. This is ideal for use in hotels, apartment complexes, businesses, traffic restaurants, and also in homes. It is easy to install and simple to cut to size, stick and peel. This tape provides strong grip when applied to concrete, plastic, tiles, wood, stainless steel, for superior traction. It is built to last and can withstand high traffic areas.

Grip Tape: Heavy-duty Anti-Slip Tape

Our heavy-duty Anti-Slip Tape Rolls 18.3M x1M is designed with a triple-layer adhesive to make sure that it does not peel off after some days. It creates long-term grip on different surfaces. This tape withstands bad weather conditions and heavy foot traffic. Our anti-slip tape is used for both indoor and outdoor activities. Also ideal for ladders, tile, stairs, skateboards, trailers, slippery floors, ramps, forklifts, scooters, and boats, as they can stick or peel off a slippery surface. This is easy to install.

Anti-Slip Traction Tape:

Instead of PVC, PET material is used as the foundation film for the tapes. PET material has a high barrier to water vapor, dilute acids, gases, oils, and alcohols. Our Anti Slip tape Rolls are extremely durable and robust in a variety of environments and weather conditions because of these characteristics. For high traffic areas, this is an excellent choice for commercial and residential usage. In severe hot or cold conditions, no cracking, peeling, or breakdown occurs, making it perfect for indoor and outdoor use all year long. Our anti-slip traction tape protects your kids, family, the elderly, and pets in slick areas by providing extra foot traction. Prevents sliding, particularly among the elderly. Our anti-slip tape offers a thick, aggressive adhesive glue that forms a strong, water-resistant bond to flat surfaces such as concrete, metal, plastic, wood, tile, stone, and laminate. Weather and water resistant, this tape is perfect for maintaining the safety of steps, ladders, ramps, trailers, decks, and other safety equipment.

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