Stair nosing is an excellent method for giving your steps a finished look while also making them safer. Our Anti Slip stair nosing¬†helps to keep the stair edge from being damaged or broken, extending the life of your staircase. Our Rubber Stair Nosing products come in a variety of finishes and materials, making them perfect for a variety of home uses. Aluminum stair nosing are used to protect each step and also conceal the connection between the tread and the riser.¬† Non Slip Stair Nosing ¬†provides slide resistance to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries for users, patrons, customers, and the general public, even while displaying the cutting-edge of stair construction. Stair nosing is mostly used in places with a lot of foot activity. The nose’s purpose is to help with the following:

  • Reduce the dangers of stairwells.
  • Falling and sliding should be avoided.
  • The edges of the step are protected against chipping or breaking.
  • Give the steps a polished appearance.

On-site construction or different nosing units can be used to furnish the step with nosing.. Aside from this, a separate nosing unit composed of aluminum or fiberglass can be constructed. The Aluminum stair nosing can be made in a variety of forms to fit the overall design. We offer Vast Range of Rubber Stair Nosing ,Aluminum stair nosing, Non Slip Stair Nosing or Anti Slip stair nosing in UK.


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