GRP Covers for the Ladder:

GRP Ladder Covers easily fit over existing round steel ladder rungs, improving ladder safety immediately. When structural adhesive is applied, the GRP safety rung covers are in the shape of a ‘U’ channel and can be wrapped over existing rungs. Our slip-resistant ladder rung covers are made of GRP fiberglass and are designed to fit over the round or square rungs of fire escapes, service ladders, and the majority of other ladders. Our Ladder Grips can be readily trimmed to fit on site if needed, and these come in four common lengths.

Rugg Mattresses:

Anti-Slip GRP ladder Rugg Covers are used in ladder safety by providing efficient grip on worn or slippery ladder rungs. These are offered by length and can be trimmed to any size without charge. These are used in wet, oily, and icy situations. The durability of these covers enhances their slide resistance. Due to the strong alumina oxide grit included in the rung cover, anti-slip ladder rung coverings give great grip to existing slick or worn ladder rungs. Because of the larger surface area available, they minimize the danger of ladder slides and enhance ladder safety. The increased surface area decreases the danger of sliding by expanding the surface area for foot contact. The anti-slip top surface of the ladder covers provides maximum grip when ascending and descending ladders. Moreover, the square shape offers more surface area for the foot to make contact with.

Re-Grip Ultra Ladder Ring Cover:

Re-Grip ULTRA Ladder Rung Covers are especially helpful in outdoor situations where ladders are exposed to rain and ice, as well as in applications where oil or chemicals are frequently utilized. These are available in circular and squared shaped profiles.

GRP anti-slip flooring:

GRP anti-slip flooring For Ladders is used in industrial and commercial settings. These are unbreakable, shatter-proof and resistant to extreme weather conditions. These are used where there is a risk of slipping. is a great deterrent against the possibility of slips, such as accidents, injuries, and in certain cases, slip protection is greatly enhanced by defending against rain and frost as well as oil, chemicals, or mud, improving the facility’s health and safety requirements. These are widely utilized in the building of pedestrian bridges and access ramps. It is also used in a variety of applications, including railway platforms, footbridges, disabled ramps, piers, pontoons, inspection platforms, forklift truck paths, swimming pools, tail-lifts, decking strips, marinas, jetties, grating covers, truck trailer floors, and so on. Of these floors are that they are easy to install, non-corrosive, very hard-wearing, non-conductive, and manufactured to size.

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