Floors are tested to monitor floor safety from slipping and falling. A slip metre is used for testing. This type of metre is used to calculate the coefficient of friction that helps assess if a floor is safe to walk on. By using this metre, you can quickly find testing equipment. Most slip test services are slower, less efficient, and less cost-effective. Slip Alert is a simple and accurate way to test the slip resistance of your flooring. Testing the slip risk of floors with Slip Alert is cost efficient and helps you save money while making floors safer. On all floors, Slip Alert is designed to be portable and precise. The Pendulum is large, heavy, and slow to carry. It needs an adept user, and even then, the findings might be incorrect. Our slip testing is the most precise and thorough available. We may take several measurements throughout your floor using Slip Alert to search for variances or areas of slip danger. We have completed dozens of tests while the Pendulum tester is still being set up. The findings of the Slip Alert test are immediately converted to Pendulum Test Values (PTV) and Coefficient of Friction (COF). With Slip Alert, you can test each of your floors in seconds, measure the slide resistance (coefficient of friction), and see which ones are safe and which ones need to be managed carefully. Slip testing is quick and effective, and is better for your business. We can perform a single slip test in as little as 2 seconds, so if you have busy parts of the floor, we can be in and out quickly. Because we employ Slip Alert, which averages across the length of a real slide, our testing tends to be more thorough than others. Several discrete tests on a broad area of seemingly similar flooring can quickly and easily detect problematic spots caused by contamination, poor cleaning, or changes in the floor surface itself. Our slip testing is extremely cost-effective. We provide you with a more detailed report that other slip testing can provide. We don’t waste time on roughness or other ineffective testing. We understand the dangers of slipping and offer comprehensive testing and risk assessment. We provide lower-cost slip testing than others because we utilize the world’s finest slip test and understand what causes slide risk in all types of commercial flooring. Slip testing floors using Slip Alert is faster, more thorough, and less expensive than other types of slip testing. We guarantee that we will deliver a more complete slip test and a more extensive slip prevention report than anybody else at a lesser price. Every company owner’s nightmare… a customer or employee slips and falls.

  • Slip testing in schools and hotels is a service that we provide.
  • Testing in a recreational center or in a swimming pool
  • service for slip testing in shopping malls.
  • Slip test at an industrial unit or a factory
  • Floor safety at an office or company headquarters
  • Service for preventing falls in nursing homes
  • In the hospital, there is a slip test.

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