Our deck tiles are polished and oiled for a gorgeous, scratch-resistant surface. All deck tiles are non-slip, making them ideal for high-and low-traffic areas both inside and outside the house. When used for outdoor applications, normal decking care is advised to extend the life of your tile decking. Coat your decking with a UV-rated weatherproofing sealant twice a year for optimal effects, then re-stain as needed. Our Composite Flooring Decking Tiles – 30x30cm are a lovely addition to any area, whether inside or out. All that is required is a firm platform, on which the deck flooring can be installed directly. The interlocking wood tiles may be laid over concrete, wood, carpet, pavers, or any other solid surface. Decks, patios, balconies, around pools, saunas, showers, sun rooms, mud rooms, bedrooms, and more all benefit from this material. Our tiles are a fantastic temporary alternative for installations in apartments and condominiums that can be quickly removed when required, as well as permanent installations on decks, patios, and around pools. The interlock patio tiles can be cut simply with a skill saw or cut to fit spaces of different shapes and sizes. The tiles have an interlocking base that allows them to be snapped together easily.

Wood Plastic Composite Deck Tiles:

All of our products have a unique technique that prevents the materials against rotting, fading, staining, scratching, and other issues that standard wood decking can cause. Our Hardwood Decking Tiles 30x30cm are extremely long-lasting and will not warp, fracture, split, or bend. It is made from a genuine wood-plastic composite finish that is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is easy to fix up your patio, covered patio, deck, fire pit, outdoor kitchen, poolside, lanai, gazebo, and other outdoor areas. The design of these tiles is slip-resistant.

Garden Deck Tiles:

Garden deck tiles are an open shape, which allows for ventilation and water drainage. These tiles do not swell or rot like wood planking since they are weather resistant. These are also fade resistant, making them ideal for places that receive a lot of sunshine. Artificial Industrial Grass Tiles are made from a durable wood and plastic combination. These garden deck tiles, which need to be stained or sanded, are more environmentally friendly than solid wood deck and patio tiles. Our deck tiles are insect-resistant, and survive season after season. These six patio tiles snap together with ease. This implies that they can be installed on your deck or patio without the need for any equipment. These can be put together in minutes to cover unattractive concrete and give your outdoor areas a new lease of life.

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