Aluminator® Heavy Duty PVC Stair Nosing 72mm x 38mm Non Slip Tredsafe

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Aluminator® Heavy Duty PVC Stair Nosing 72mm x 38mm Non Slip Tredsafe

The AHB profile is designed to be used in most commercial and domestic applications.In addition to the function of step edge protection the profile offers an easy, energy efficient solution to illuminate steps. Should a local or emergency power failure occur on stairways, increasing the risk of hazard for evacuees, the Aluminator®™ system allows the evacuee to orientate, locate stair edges and risers, and so assist in the safe evacuation of the premises.


  1. Ensure the steps are dry, clean, free of debris, level and even.
  2. If pre-drilled use the drill holes to mark steps for drilling location.
  3. Drill and Plug the steps.
  4. Apply suitable adhesive to the underside of the nosing and apply nosing to the step.
  5. Screw down the step with the appropriate size screws.
  6. Apply insert (if separate) or insert pip to cover the screw head.
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Black Tredsafe – 1m L, Black Tredsafe – 1.5m L, Black Tredsafe – 2m L, Black Tredsafe – 3.22m L, White Tredsafe – 1m L, White Tredsafe – 1.5m L, White Tredsafe – 2m L, White Tredsafe – 3.22m L, Yellow Tredsafe – 1m L, Yellow Tredsafe – 1.5m L, Yellow Tredsafe – 2m L, Yellow Tredsafe – 3.22m L
Dolphin Grey Tredsafe- 1m L, Dolphin Grey Tredsafe- 1.5m L, Dolphin Grey Tredsafe- 2m L, Dolphin Grey Tredsafe- 3.22m L