Aluminium Stair Nosing 66mm x 32mm Edge Trim With Non Slip Pvc Insert

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Aluminium Non Slip Stair Nosing Edge Trim With Pvc Insert 66 x 32mm

  • The NSL Profile is designed to be used in most commercial and industrial applications with a coloured PVC insert.
  • It is available in a 3mm gauge allowing for fixing with Vinyl, linoleum and medium carpets or similar floor covering.
  • The profile is available in a range of designs with DDA and building regulations accounted for.
  • Designed to meet the guidelines in BS8300:2009+A1:2010.
  • External grade Tredsafe┬« Insert.Tredsafe insert is manufactured from a special blend of P.V.C., silica quartz and polymeric plasticiser giving an homogeneous hard wearing anti-slip flooring for wet and dry conditions.
  • The three dimensional pyramid pattern which provides excellent slip resistance in both wet and dry conditions.
Colour Beige, Black, Brown, Canvas, Cobalt Blue, Dolphin Grey, Ice Grey, Midnight Grey, Red, Saffron, Tangerine, White, Yellow
Length 1.0m, 1.5m, 2.0m, 2.46m, 2.77m, 3.22m
Size 66x32mm
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Black – 1m L, Black – 1.5m L, Black – 2m L, Black – 2.46m L, Black – 2.77m L, Black – 3.22m L, Beige – 1.0m L, Beige – 1.5m L, Beige – 2.0m L, Beige – 2.46m L, Beige – 2.77m L, Beige – 3.22m L, Brown – 1m L, Brown – 1.5m L, Brown – 2m L, Brown – 2.46m L, Brown – 2.77m L, Brown – 3.22m L, Canvas – 1m L, Canvas – 1.5m L, Canvas – 2m L, Canvas – 2.46m L, Canvas – 2.77m L, Canvas – 3.22m L, Cobalt Blue – 1m L, Cobalt Blue – 1.5m L, Cobalt Blue – 2m L, Cobalt Blue – 2.46m L, Cobalt Blue – 2.77m L, Cobalt Blue – 3.22m L, Dolphin Grey – 1m L, Dolphin Grey – 1.5m L, Dolphin Grey – 2m L, Dolphin Grey – 2.46m L, Dolphin Grey – 2.77m L, Dolphin Grey – 3.22m L, Saffron – 1m L, Saffron – 1.5m L, Saffron – 2m L, Saffron – 2.46m L, Saffron – 2.77m L, Saffron – 3.22m L, Tangerine – 1m L, Tangerine – 1.5m L, Tangerine – 2m L, Tangerine – 2.46m L, Tangerine – 2.77m L, Tangerine – 3.22m L, Ice Grey – 1m L, Ice Grey – 1.5m L, Ice Grey – 2m L, Ice Grey – 2.46m L, Ice Grey – 2.77m L, Ice Grey – 3.22m L, Midnight Grey – 1m L, Midnight Grey – 1.5m L, Midnight Grey – 2m L, Midnight Grey – 2.46m L, Midnight Grey – 2.77m L, Midnight Grey – 3.22m L, Red – 1m L, Red – 1.5m L, Red – 2m L, Red – 2.46m L, Red – 2.77m L, Red – 3.22m L, White – 1m L, White – 1.5m L, White – 2m L, White – 2.46m L, White – 2.77m L, White – 3.22m L, Yellow – 1m L, Yellow – 1.5m L, Yellow – 2m L, Yellow – 2.46m, L
Yellow – 2.77m L, Yellow – 3.22m L