Commercial Stair Nosing 77.5mm x 48.5 mm Vision Light Down Tredsafe Non Slip

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Stair Nosing Vision Light Down Tredsafe Non Slip 77.5 x 48.5  

Commercial style stair nosing incorporating a range of non-slip PVC based inserts and Vision LED, CCT and RGB lighting systems in a AoNlight out’ configuration.
Supplied in anodised Matt Silver finish, others finishes are available on request.
Standard length is 2.8m but we offer a bespoke cutting and drilling service if required and end caps to complete the professional aesthetic.
Complete with frosted polycarbonate diffuser to ensure optimum light dispersion.


  1. Ensure the steps are dry, clean, free of debris, level and even.
  2. If pre-drilled use the drill holes to mark steps for drilling location.
  3. Drill and Plug the steps.
  4. Apply suitable adhesive to the underside of the nosing and apply nosing to the step.
  5. Screw down the step with the appropriate size screws.
  6. Apply insert (if separate) or insert pip to cover the screw head.
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Black – 1m L, Black – 1.5m L, Black – 2m L, White – 1m L, White – 1.5m L, Yellow – 1m L, Yellow – 1.5m L, Yellow – 2m L, White – 2m L, Beige – 1m L, Beige – 1.5m L, Beige – 2m L, Brown – 1m L, Brown – 1.5m L, Brown – 2m L, Canvas – 1m L, Canvas – 1.5m L, Canvas – 2m L, Cobalt Blue – 1m L, Cobalt Blue – 1.5 m L, Cobalt Blue – 2m L, Dolphin Grey – 1m L, Dolphin Grey – 1.5m L, Dolphin Grey – 2m L, Ice Grey – 1m L, Ice Grey – 1.5 m L, Ice Grey – 2m L, Midnight Grey – 1m L, Midnight Grey – 1.5 m L, Midnight Grey – 2m L, Red – 1m L, Red – 1.5 m L, Red – 2m L, saffron – 1m L, saffron – 1.5m L, saffron – 2m L, Tangerine- 1m L, Tangerine- 1.5 m L, Tangerine- 2m L