Commercial Stair Nosing 91mm x 32 mm Non Slip PVC Insert Stair Nosing Edge Trim

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Commercial Stair Nosing 91mm x 32 mm Non Slip PVC Insert Stair Nosing Edge Trim

91 x 32 mm – Non Slip Stair Nosing The NHD Profile is designed to be used in most commercial and industrial applications with a coloured PVC insert. It is available in a 5mm gauge allowing for fixing with carpet or similar floor covering. The profile is available in a range of designs with DDA and building regulations accounted for.Designed to meet the guidelines in BS8300:2009+A1:2010.External grade Tredsafe® Insert.Tredsafe insert is manufactured from a special blend of P.V.C., silica quartz and polymeric plasticiser giving an homogeneous hard wearing anti-slip flooring for wet and dry conditions. The three dimensional pyramid pattern which provides excellent slip resistance in both wet and dry conditions.

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Beige – 1m L, Beige – 1.5m L, Beige – 2m L, Beige – 2.46m L, Beige – 2.77m L, Beige – 3.22 m L, Black – 1m L, Black – 1.5m L, Black – 2m L, Black – 2.46m L, Black -2.77 m L, Black – 3.22m L, Brown – 1m L, Brown – 1.5m L, Brown – 2m L, Brown – 2.46m L, Brown – 2.77m L, Brown – 3.22 m L, Canvas – 1m L, Canvas – 1.5m L, Canvas – 2m L, Canvas – 2.46m L, Canvas – 2.77m L, Canvas – 3.22 m L, Cobalt Blue – 1m L, Cobalt Blue – 1.5 m L, Cobalt Blue – 2m L, Cobalt Blue – 2.46 m L, Cobalt Blue – 2.77 m L, Cobalt Blue – 3. 22 m L, Dolphin Grey – 1m L, Dolphin Grey – 1.5m L, Dolphin Grey – 2m L, Dolphin Grey – 2.46m L, Dolphin Grey – 2.77m L, Dolphin Grey – 3.22m L, Ice Grey – 1m L, Ice Grey – 1.5 m L, Ice Grey – 2m L, Ice Grey – 2.46m L, Ice Grey – 2.77 m L, Ice Grey – 3.22 m L, Midnight Grey- 1m L, Midnight Grey- 1.5 m L, Midnight Grey- 2m L, Midnight Grey- 2.46 m L, Midnight Grey-2.77 m L, Midnight Grey- 3.22 m L, Red – 1m L, Red – 1.5 m L, Red – 2m L, Red – 2.46 m L, Red – 2.77 m L, Red – 3.22 m L, White – 1m L, White – 1.5m L, White – 2m L, White – 2.46m L, White – 2.77m L, White – 3.22m L, Yellow – 1m L, Yellow – 1.5m L, Yellow – 2m L, Yellow – 2.46m L, Yellow – 2.77m L, Yellow – 3.22m L