Heavy Duty Stone Beige Anti Slip Stair Tread Cover For Stair Edges

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Heavy Duty Stone Beige GRP Anti Slip Stair Tread Cover For Stair Edges

When installing Stop Slip GRP products, standard personal protective equipment should be worn as a minimum. These include 3M dust mask (or similar), safety goggles, heavy duty gloves and overalls. They should be cut in a well ventilated area or close to extraction points. Dust residue can be disposed of using normal waste disposal methods.

Before fitting check that the area is clean, dry, and free from any loose and defective material. Any pitted or damaged areas should be locally repaired to provide a flat and even surface. Dry-fit the stair tread, landing cover, flat sheet or nosing to ensure a comfortable fit, and to ensure that they sit flat to the surface. If any localised trimming is required, we recommend the use of a Jigsaw, preferably fitted with a tungsten carbide blade (Bosch T141 HM or similar) or a diamond cutting disc fitted to an angle grinder.

Stair tread covers, landing covers, flat sheets and nosing can be cut to your required dimensions, with fixing points, pre-drilled and counter-sunk prior to despatch (at extra cost). Exact dimensions should be supplied at time of order.

Drill the fixing locating holes in all the panels. Whilst individual circumstances will vary, the following should be used as a guide only:

Stair Tread Covers
Drill two holes on each side of the Stop Slip Stair Tread. The first hole should be around 50mm in from the back edge, on the left hand side of the stair tread cover. The second hole should be drilled 50mm in from the side, parallel to the yellow hazard strip. Repeat for the right hand side of the tread. Additional fixings can be applied if necessary at 600mm centres for larger treads. Handy hint: Use the first drilled tread cover as a template, thereby ensuring conformity for drilling the rest of the panels.

Stair Tread Nosings
Fixing points required at approximately 600mm centres.

GRP Anti Slip Landing Covers & Flat Sheets
All fixing points to be approximately 15mm inboard from the edge, & at 600mm centres. Additional fixings down the middle of the panel, again at 600mm centres will ensure a smoother fit to the substrate.

Fitting the Panels
Whilst mechanical fixings are all that is required to secure Stop Slip GRP anti slip products, we recommend the application of an appropriate high strength gap filling adhesive (PU230 or similar) as this will provide the following benefits:

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