High Quality Anti-Slip Industrial Door Mats Entrance Mat

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High Quality Anti-Slip Water Absorbent Entrance Mat

Aquasorb Super is a highly functional indoor entrance mat with a moulded bubble form that facilitates the scraping and drying process and incorporates a border which forms a perimeter that traps moisture and debris. The mat also features an anti-microbial carpet treatment that stops bacteria and germs at the entrance. An extremely durable rubber backed mat, features edge to edge carpet to blend with its surroundings.  Rubber cleats on the underside ensure minimal movement once in place.

  • Wear Resistant  Wear resistant surface to Level 3
  • Soil Resistance   Resistant to soiling and stains Level 3
  • Water Absorbent   Absorbs water to Level 3
  • Slip Resistance   Slip resistance Level 3
  • Anti-Microbial   Anti-microbial and suitable for medical and clean areas


Dry Zone

Product Testing

  • Abrasion resistance ASTM D3884 0.9% weight loss
  • Colour fastness to light AATCC 16E
  • Accelerated wear test by sim floor machine U.S. 4
  • Accelerated soiling U.S. 4
  • Anti-slip DIN51130 BGR181
  • Water retention ISO 4920 TNO W6034 3.6 l/m²

Fire Testing

  • Surface Flammability ASTM D2859 Pass
  • Classification of the reaction to fire performance DIN EN 13501-1


  • Recyclable material
  • REACH compliant ( Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restrictions of Chemicals)
  • Contributes to cleaner environment by reducing need of cleaning chemicals

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