Standard Non-Slip Floor Sheet – 4mm

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Standard Non-Slip Floor Sheet – 4mm

Non-Slip Flooring fits to walkways, gangways, access ramps, industrial floors, bridges, landing areas, platforms, piers and pontoons. Made from hard wearing and durable GRP Glass Reinforced Plastic, with a highly effective gritted anti-slip safety surface, Safe Tread non-slip floor sheets or GRP plates will last for years.
Non Slip Floor Sheets:
Quick and easy to install- a cost effective solution to improving safety in potential slip hazard areas. Suitable for interior or exterior environments.
Standard duty for wet- frosty and oily conditions, suitable for most applications and will give many years of service under normal conditions. Normal pedestrian traffic.
Heavy duty for wet- frosty and oily conditions, suitable for areas with a very high footfall, or if the area is likely to be contaminated (muddy conditions), or if you prefer our best product.

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