Staff, visitors, clients, or patients will be able to visually map the proper distance between them using floor markers. To avoid tripping risks, these floor signs and floor tapes are low-profile and attach to all indoor and certain outdoor floor surfaces. Floor signs with social distancing symbols come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them ideal for marking checkout lines and other waits, guiding consumer traffic flows in retail contexts, and visually indicating social distance. Our Social Distancing floor tapes come in pre-printed rolls with repeated social distance messages in various lengths. Floor tapes are also available in strips that may be used to indicate standing areas. Social distancing messages can be used to indicate distances between floor signs in checkout, check-in, or waiting lines, and can assist your business enforce social distancing. These can also be used to designate lanes and other paths as social distance reminders.

Floor Marking Corners:

Floor marking corners are ideal for use when arranging and labelling the objects in your facility. These are strong and have high impact-resistant features that ensure long-term performance in high-traffic locations. These corners are ideal to use in warehouses where heavy foot or light-to-moderate lift is used. These are best suited for a variety of organisational tasks such as identifying specific areas of pallets, machines, and stocks.These are easy to install and simply peel and apply. These do not require any cleaning or drying time.

Floor Marking Tape:

This low-cost Floor Marking Tape is ideal for multipurpose safety marking in low-traffic areas. It can be used to label a range of things and surfaces, such as flooring, pipelines, and machinery. This floor tape is constructed of a flexible substance that is simple to put and remove, making it ideal for temporary marking and switching up the floor plan.

Social Distancing Thank You Circle Floor Sign:

With these durable, bright, and eye-catching Social Distancing Thank You Circle Floor Signs, you may enforce social distancing at your facility, business, or workplace.

Take note of the following: Practice Social Distancing Sign:

With these Notice Practice Social Distancing Signs, the spread of coronavirus and COVID-19 is reduced. These come in a range of sizes and materials, and they generally ship the same day.

The Wet Floor Sign:

The Wet Floor sign is constructed from high-quality polypropylene and is designed to last for a long period of time. The wet floor caution is used to attract users as it has four sides imprinted with letters that warn people while walking in a wet area. This sign has black text in English and Spanish, as well as a red symbol, warning people to be aware of accidents, leakage, and floodwater. It comes with a free warning sticker. The risk of wet floor sign is perfect for use in small and narrow spaces and is ideal for use in offices, grocery stores, industrial sites, and other sites where the floor is wet. Because of the empty cone shape, warning floor signs are very light and can be piled for easy storage and transport on maintenance and cleaning carts.

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