Rubber Electrical Safety Matting 1m Wide Class 3 Non Slip

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Rubber Electrical Safety Matting 1m Wide Class 3 Non Slip

Fully tested to specification
– Health & Safety regulation material including flame retardance
– Fully traceable supply
– Regulatory branding on reverse
– Anti-slip finish
– Low maintenance

This product is made using high-quality raw materials allowing for a thinner overall electrical safety floor mat without compromising shock prevention. The IEC:61111 specification states ‘maximum’ thickness with the minimum thickness being determined by suppliers’ ability to pass the correct tests defined in Clause 5 of the specification. This product does so with the integral ‘lay-flat’ quality of the rubber compounds unimpaired in any way.

Our 26500-volt electrical safety mats conform to regulation IEC61111;2009 Class 3, with a maximum safe working voltage to 26,500 volts. The regulation standard is stamped on the reverse of all 26500-volt rolls at 1000mm intervals: Maximum safe working voltage of 26,500V.

Length options: 1-metre intervals up to 10 metres (1 roll) lengths
Width: 1 metre

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