Slimline Ceramic Tile-In Nosing Non Slip Tredsafe 10 mm

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This Slimline Aluminium Tile-In Nosing offers a cost effective alternative to ceramic treads.

The PVC insert on the tread has been designed to provide additional slip resistance.

Although mainly used with ceramic tile it can also be used with wood, laminate and stone.

Meets DDA Guidelines and Building regulations, also available with Aluminator option (ATS).


  1. Ensure the steps are dry, clean, free of debris, level and even.
  2. If pre-drilled use the drill holes to mark steps for drilling location.
  3. Drill and Plug the steps.
  4. Apply suitable adhesive to the underside of the nosing and apply nosing to the step.
  5. Screw down the step with the appropriate size screws.
  6. Apply insert (if separate) or insert pip to cover the screw head.
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