Expanded Silicone Strip White Self Adhesive 5m Long

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Expanded Silicone Strip White Self Adhesive 5m Long

Product Information:

  • White expanded Silicone foam strip with an adhesive backing, available in a choice of widths and thicknesses.
  • This Silicone sponge strip also know as Silicone foam tape meets.
  •  The performance standards of solid silicone, but comes in a malleable, self adhesive backed form for easy fixing.
  • The compression of the Silicone sponge can be interpreted from the associated data sheet.

Silicone Tape Length:

  • 5m
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1.5mm Thick x 10mm Wide, 1.5mm Thick x 12mm Wide, 1.5mm Thick x 15mm Wide, 1.5mm Thick x 20mm Wide, 1.5mm Thick x 25mm Wide, 1.5mm Thick x 30mm Wide, 1.5mm Thick x 40mm Wide, 1.5mm Thick x 50mm Wide, 3mm Thick x 10mm Wide, 3mm Thick x 12mm Wide, 3mm Thick x 15mm Wide, 3mm Thick x 20mm Wide, 3mm Thick x 25mm Wide, 3mm Thick x 30mm Wide, 3mm Thick x 40mm Wide, 3mm Thick x 50mm Wide, 5mm Thick x 10mm Wide, 5mm Thick x 12mm Wide, 5mm Thick x 15mm Wide, 5mm Thick x 20mm Wide, 5mm Thick x 25mm Wide, 5mm Thick x 30mm Wide, 5mm Thick x 40mm Wide, 5mm Thick x 50mm Wide, 6mm Thick x 10mm Wide, 6mm Thick x 12mm Wide, 6mm Thick x 15mm Wide, 6mm Thick x 20mm Wide, 6mm Thick x 25mm Wide, 6mm Thick x 30mm Wide, 6mm Thick x 40mm Wide, 6mm Thick x 50mm Wide